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Adventure Activities in Guyana Read Article

Adventure Activities in Guyana for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Guyana is blessed with a dramatic topography and majestic untouched forests, mountains, miles of rivers, waterfalls and beaches. With so much natural treasure close at hand, your tryst with adventure is inevitable.  Here is a sample of the top adventure activities perfect for those looking for an adrenaline rush or a softer adventure. Jungle Survival When Discovery producers were looking for the most adventurous places on earth to shoot the TV show ‘Naked and Afraid,’ Guyana made the short-list. The reality show is a real-time journey of a couple that strives to survive the wilderness for 21 days without any comforts, including their clothes. The wild tracts of Rupununi region were the perfect location to shoot the episodes of Season 2. Under the guidance of a former British
Rupununi Rodeo: The Greatest Show in Guyana Read Article

Rupununi Rodeo: The Greatest Show in Guyana

The most vibrant weekend of the year is unarguably the Easter break. Guyanese living abroad, time their holidays to attend the Bartica Regatta, off Georgetown and the Rupununi Rodeo in Lethem. The events are also a massive draw for visitors from around the globe and from neighbouring countries. Attending the events, has become an annual pilgrimage that the die-hard fans wait for through the year. If it’s a version of the Wild West that you want to experience, the belly of Guyana – Rupununi – is the place to visit. The heart of Rupununi, the easygoing town of Lethem, comes alive in the days that run up to the event. The two days of the rodeo are a celebration of horsemanship and ranching greats of Rupununi. All hotels and guesthouses are booked out months earlier, and the
Guyana for Solo travellers

Is Guyana Safe for Solo Travellers

No matter which part of the world you visit, ‘safety’ is something that all solo travellers are mindful of. While some countries are considered safer than others, news of stray incidents reach us every day from all parts of the world. The same goes for Guyana. In its formative years came

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