Singapore Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

With its futuristic-looking gardens and one of the most advanced infrastructures the world has seen, Singapore has rightfully been in the spotlight in the past few years. Its historic and cultural heritage, as well as vibrant foodie scene, has drawn travelers from around the world to this autonomous city-state just off southern Malaysia.

A hub for digital nomads as of recently and an urban playground that cherishes and celebrates its natural environment, Singapore has so much to offer to all types of travelers.

When it’s your first time to this exotic, remote location, it pays to know where to stay, how to go about, and which nooks you shouldn’t miss out on while exploring this city-state. Before you start rushing to book your flight, check out the following tips and suggestions that will hopefully help you plan a trip of a lifetime!


Tropics come with many delights and perks, but they also come with their own set of challenges! For example, although warm weather and plenty of sunshine are expected, you need to make sure you’re not traveling during the wettest months of the year. That means you should steer clear from Singapore between the months of November to January!

No matter when you go, brace yourself for plenty of humidity, because a tropical climate typically comes with around 80% humidity no matter the time of year.

For someone who’d like to spend a few weeks and avoid too many rainy days in the process, the driest months are July and August, although early September is also a great option. Remember, whenever you decide to visit, always have a prepared water bottle with you and hydrate on a regular basis!


Choosing your base may seem like a trivial item on your to-do list when preparing to visit Singapore, but it actually matters quite a bit. In fact, opting for the right location means that you’ll ensure that you have great access to nearby public transport, that you’ll be able to dine in some of the best local eateries, and that you can be in close proximity to the places you wish to see the most. Convenience such as this can let you pack your agenda with more stops, meaning more free time to wander around!

Another perk is that you can save a pretty penny on choosing the best accommodation available. Thanks to the diversity of the travel scene in Singapore, you can easily find hotel specials that let you have more for less and still have an incredibly upscale experience. Finding such great deals will also enable you to divert some of that money towards experiences in the city itself, whether it might be museum tickets or public transport fare.


Foodies have started flocking to Singapore for its delightfully diverse authentic Asian cuisine. From the finest of fine dining restaurants to delicious and very popular street eateries, there’s plenty to satisfy even the most demanding palette.  Try laksa at Roxy Square in the well-known little eatery by the name of Janggut Laksa, where you’ll get a generous mix of noodles, sauce, shrimp, and sambal. This is their signature dish, and one you’ll most likely remember your trip by!

Of course, what would a trip to Singapore be without having a taste of original dim sum, and you can try the one made in the Red Star Restaurant in China Town. And while you’re meandering around the city, make sure to indulge in an ice cream sandwich on Orchard Road.


Known as an urban jungle, Singapore is also home to various green hideouts where their native wildlife and plant-life bloom. A perfect representation of urban life in harmony with nature are their famous Gardens by the Bay, whose Supertree Grove has found itself on many a wallpaper across the globe. A spotless little oasis, this space is a sanctuary for many exotic plant species, and an escape from the city’s bustle.

To get to know the animals of Singapore, head to Singapore Zoo! You’ll find it to be a true homage to the conservation of a wide range of animal species, and not merely another enclosure meant for human entertainment. Other animal parks are as vivid and majestic as the Zoo, but this is by far the finest place to see animals roaming across the vast landscape and well-cared for in their habitats.

Singapore is a treasure trove of urban and emerald wonders alike, and a true foodie paradise. Make sure to add some of these must-see spots to your travel list, and your trip to Singapore will become all the more memorable for it!


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