Adventure Activities In Guyana For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Guyana is blessed with a dramatic topography and majestic untouched forests, mountains, miles of rivers, waterfalls and beaches. With so much natural treasure close at hand, your tryst with adventure is inevitable.  Here is a sample of the top adventure activities perfect for those looking for an adrenaline rush or a softer adventure.

Jungle Survival

When Discovery producers were looking for the most adventurous places on earth to shoot the TV show ‘Naked and Afraid,’ Guyana made the short-list. The reality show is a real-time journey of a couple that strives to survive the wilderness for 21 days without any comforts, including their clothes. The wild tracts of Rupununi region were the perfect location to shoot the episodes of Season 2.

Under the guidance of a former British Special Forces instructor and indigenous guides, learn how comfortable you can make yourself in the jungle. You’re given tips on handling the elements without any tools for several days, and then left to survive for a week on your own, of course, with remote monitoring and support. Make your own fire, catch your own fish and build your own rainproof shelter. Contact Bushmasters for that unforgettable experience!

4X4 Safari

8 days to being a 4WD pro – that’s the award at the end of the grueling but thrilling annual safari in the Pakaraimas. The 4X4 safari wends through friendly and hospitable villages, by waterfalls and through steep terrain via plunging trails. Over the course of your journey, you get to drive through riverbeds, forests and savannas and have encounters with wild animals. The trip is led by veteran adventurer Frank Singh and his team, who know the Pakaraimas like the back of their hands. Get front row seats to nature’s best on this trip. The safari ends in Lethem, where you can witness the annual Rupununi Rodeo on the Easter weekend. Book the safari early as the spots fillup pretty quickly.

Hiking Trails

The magnificent on-foot adventures that await you in Guyana, challenge and captivate even the best and most seasoned of trekkers. You have plenty of options to choose from – easy short hikes to fully geared overland treks. Regardless of whether you are on a one-day trek or multi-day hike through the densest rainforest, one fact is undeniable – you get to be close to nature. The Kaieteur National Park is one of the most breathtaking routes. This 3-5 day adventure entails traveling by land, water and foot to the Kaieteur Plateau ending with stupendous views of the 741 feet tall plunging sheet of water on the Potaro River. Some of the other excellent hikes are Turtle Mountain, Clarence Mountain Trail, Sleeping Giant, Panorama Trail and Makaparan in the heart of the country. The great thing about Guyana is that the hiking trails start from several eco-lodges across the country. This offers you the convenience of proper infrastructure, the company of great guides and a different experience on each trail.


Ever dreamt of being in a cliffhanger? This is your chance. Abseiling down cliff-sides is sure to amp up the fun in Guyana. Join guided tours to Kaieteur National Park and other locations to try rappelling down a mountain under the supervision of trained instructors. Get oriented, gear up and then put your new skills to test by stepping over the edge and making your way down a rugged rock. This is a true daredevil task not meant for the faint-hearted. Once you get over your fear, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

River Adventures

Tranquil paddling in a dugout canoe, whitewater rafting, sport fishing and more! The rivers of Guyana offer a great deal for the outdoor-lover. With a large network of rivers and tributaries, you are never too far from some water-based fun. From long multi-day boating expeditions to daylong trips, you have a choice to opt for different levels of adventure to tailor to your needs. Guyana’s many rivers offer fantastic opportunities to see wildlife and birds, especially sleepy caimans, different species of moneys, and if you’re lucky, giant river otters. Being on the river provides ample opportunities for fishing for tarpon, peacock bass and even the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world – the mighty arapaima.

Mountain Biking

If a biking adventure is on your mind, then Guyana’s exciting trails promise to thrill. Muddy countryside tracks make the tours a great way to test your mettle. Green gullies flanked by thick forests, animal sightings and birdcalls close by, turns each ride in Guyana into epic adventures. Beginner trails and steep professional ones, in the foothills of the Pakaraimas, easy nature trails in every resort and even long trips between Georgetown and Lethem are great mountain biking opportunities.

Living the ‘Vaquero’ Life

If you’ve ever fancied wearing cowboy boots and a hat and lassoing wild broncos, then Guyana is the perfect place for you. Head to Rupununi, the ranching hot-spot of the country, to stay at an active ranch. Be ready to feed the cows and shepherding them back to their shed in the evening. Hikes, lounging about at watering holes, going anteater spotting, birdwatching help fill the days.

If you’re looking for some adventure on your next holiday, then choose Guyana for the perfect mix of breathtaking landscapes and non-stop action.

Here are some travel tips for visiting Guyana and the top things to do in the country

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Travel Better in Guyana: Guyana is working hard to conserve its vibrant wildlife and ecosystems and protect its culture and heritage. We realize that it is often difficult to understand how you can support these aims and make a difference when you travel.  That’s why we’ve set out to help you by creating Visitor Guidelines for Sustainable Travel. All passionate globetrotters, curious culture seekers, and bold adventurers are encouraged to do all you can to leave a positive impact on the people and places you visit in Guyana.

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