Sure, Oz is quite famous for their wines, but not many people realize what an impressive wine producer Australia actually is. Australia has over 60 wine regions, nearly 3000 wineries that grow over 100 different wine varieties that make up the 32 million glasses of Australian wine that people all over the world consume every day! This puts the Land Down Under pretty close to the top of the list of wine producers—not bad. However, all those choices can really confuse a wine aficionado who wants to have a pleasant winery experience. Luckily, we’re here to help with our list of the best Aussie wineries that will open their cellar doors for you.


When in West Australia, don’t forget to taste the best wines from one of the most modern wineries in the Margaret River region—Leeuwin wines! This estate has a long history and is one of the original five founding wineries of the region. Many of their products received international recognition, but their Chardonnay is especially famous and praised. Aside from their winery, Leeuwin Estate is also home to an award-winning restaurant and gallery and is a stage to many concerts and other events throughout the year. And, if you get hooked on their wines, don’t worry. Today, they export their products to 30 world markets, so you can always have your fix!

Leeuwin Estate   Source: Flickr


If you want to experience something different, then definitely visit Krinklewood. This winery draws its inspiration from the French, so they placed their cellar right in front of the Wollombi Brook and Brokenback Range. This Hunter Valley (NSW) winery is really putting something new on the table with their 100% biodynamic and sustainable farm and a new approach to tourism. This gives their wines a unique quality and a truly organic and holistic taste people more than know how to appreciate! Make sure to try their well-known Australian classic—Semillon and French-style Rosé. And, if you really fall in love with their wine, you can sign up for their subscription box that will bring Krinklewood wines right to your house every six months!


This breathtaking estate came to be as a product of one very successful marriage—the marriage of Italy and Australia. Some 20 years ago, John Di Pietro and Anna Gallo wanted to bring the tastes and feels of their homeland Italy to their new home Australia and they totally succeeded by creating a unique and beautiful Olivigna winery just 20 kilometers from Melbourne! Today, they own an amazing winery, an olive grove, an orchard with fresh citruses and a restaurant that could put Michelin Star chefs to shame. This jewel of Victoria serves some of the best Proseccos and Sauvignon Blancs on the market that taste especially great when paired with their amazing antipasto or cotoletta! Enjoy their tasty wines and meals alfresco on the piazza or take your meals inside for a more formal and private atmosphere. Either way, you’ll have an amazing time!

Source: Olivigna


Australia’s most southern and underrated state—Tasmania, has plenty of wine-related things to offer to all enthusiasts. However, no matter what you do when visiting Tasmania, make sure to check out Devil’s Corner Cellar Door. This vineyard offers amazing wine, naturally, but there are so many other things you can do and see while visiting, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to soak up the vibe. Go out on the deck and enjoy the sun and beautiful views and feast on some fresh oysters with your Pinot Grigio. Life doesn’t get any better than that!


This Barossa winery in South Australia is a very special place for all wine aficionados. It’s the only cellar in the world that regularly releases 100-year-old wines—how crazy is that! Visitors can take a tour of the winery, learn about its history, explore the secrets of the craft and check out their design studio. However, for most people, the highlight of the tour is the degustation of a port made in their birth year, straight from the barrel! Their dining is also more than worth mentioning!

These are just some of the top picks to start your Australian wineries tour. Every region is different and special, so make sure to travel the country and get a taste of the entire Aussie wine scene. Just make sure to savor the aromas and smells and drink responsibly!

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