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Why Jordon Should Be on Top of Your Travel Bucket List Read Article

Why Jordan Should Be on Top of Your Travel Bucket List

Whenever I think of Jordan, the picture of obedient, gentle camels lazily trailing their owners on the moonscape of Wadi Rum comes to mind. It was a decade ago when I started researching about the country to travel solo, but other plans got in the way. Till date, an excel sheet hangs in the ‘Travel Folder’ as a niggling reminder of the trip never made. Naturally, it begs to be updated with several new exciting things to do or alterations in costs and connectivity, but keeps the hope alive that I will, most definitely visit some day. Recently, while discussing Jordan with a friend, I whipped out the sheet and started updating it. Finally, I’ve plugged in actual dates. Going over the details, I decided to skip the toasty summer, and narrowed down to September. If there is one country
The Road Trip of a Lifetime: Srinagar to Leh Read Article

The Road Trip of a Lifetime: Srinagar to Leh

“I will go to Ladakh twice. The first time I will do that epic road trip from Srinagar to Leh and on my 2nd visit, I will fly in to Leh and explore every inch of the place,” sitting in a cafe I told my friend many years back. Today, barely a month after my return from Ladakh, I cannot help but smile to myself. Scored the first off my list and I cannot wait for the second to unfold. Already!If you enjoy road trips, don’t think twice about this incredible journey from Srinagar to Leh on NH1D. The varied landscape, as you drive by the rugged Himalayan peaks, verdant valleys and high passes, along the winding 421km route till Leh is absolutely breathtaking. Here’s what I did on one of the world’s most fascinating drives! Day 1: Srinagar to Ule Distance: 350km Time taken: 12 hours

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