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Kerala blog Express: Season 5 Read Article

Kerala Blog Express: Season 5

Why Kerala Kerala – A thin slice of land in the Southwest coast of India, that packs in more punch than whole countries together. Expect jaw-dropping natural beauty and a pulsating cultural vibe juxtaposed to a slower pace of life. The most interesting part of this Indian state is the tenacity with which locals remain tethered to their roots - whether it’s the traditional folk dances, music or food or just their everyday way of life! Visually, it is one the most scenic treasures of India, leaving travellers photo-happy and with a rich repository of unique experiences. Kerala is one of India’s leading destinations and perfect for travellers to unwind on its palm-lined beaches, verdant jungles or spice-scented hills. What to expect on KBE once you’re selected An exclusive
Experiencing Gold Coast Like a Local Read Article

Experiencing Gold Coast Like a Local

Gold Coast has rapidly emerged as the party capital of Queensland in recent decades, however not so long ago it was a quiet town known for its friendly locals and laid-back lifestyle. Not to mention the natural beauty of its surrounding regions - many are surprised to discover that some parts of the hinterland even look a lot like England (in fact, the region just over the border in New South Wales is called “New England”). So, rather than just cover the cliché beaches and nightspots – this article will show you how to experience Gold Coast and the surrounding region like a local (but still mention some less obvious touristy spots that you can't miss). There is more to Gold Coast than spending all day on the beach at Surfers Paradise (locals will tell you there are better
Top 5 Things to Do in Guyana

Top 5 Things to Do in Guyana

What do you get when you mix the chilled out vibe of the Caribbean and the untouched natural beauty of the Amazon jungles? The answer is easy – one of the most stunning, but untreaded countries of the world, Guyana. It fits perfectly for a diverse set of travellers – adventure lovers, those

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