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Top Things to Do in Georgetown, Guyana Read Article

Top Attractions in Georgetown, Guyana

Relaxed yet vibrant, the capital city of Guyana is where almost a third of the country’s population lives and works. Georgetown is brimming with diversity and is a fun city to explore as a traveller. Skirted by the Atlantic Ocean on the northern edge, the city is cooled by the trade winds. The year-round summer climate makes it a breeze to wander through the streets and bazaars all year around. Exploring the city’s monuments, relics, parks, museums and churches is fun and exciting for visitors and residents alike. Spend at least two to three days in Georgetown to get your bearings and gain a deeper understanding of the rich cultural tapestry of the country. Chatting with locals is a fun way to start building up your Creolese vocabulary and to start feeling like an
7 Best Places in the USA to Experience American Culture Read Article

7 Best Places in the USA to Experience American Culture

America has managed to captivate the imagination of the world ever since the first explorers set their foot on its soil. Throughout the twentieth and the twenty first century, the United States of America remained the country that has defined the modern age and its culture. This is why so many globetrotting travelers gravitate towards its diverse landscapes – to experience the cultural hallmarks of the US. If you are one of those tourists, here are 7 best places in the USA to experience American culture. 1. New York City Without a shadow of a doubt, New York City is the first destination any traveler should visit, not only because it is the cultural center of the USA but also because it is the Modern Rome – a capital of the modern world. It is the home of MoMA, Metropolitan

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