Kerala Blog Express: Season 5

Kerala blog Express: Season 5
Why Kerala

Kerala – A thin slice of land in the Southwest coast of India, that packs in more punch than whole countries together. Expect jaw-dropping natural beauty and a pulsating cultural vibe juxtaposed to a slower pace of life. The most interesting part of this Indian state is the tenacity with which locals remain tethered to their roots – whether it’s the traditional folk dances, music or food or just their everyday way of life! Visually, it is one the most scenic treasures of India, leaving travellers photo-happy and with a rich repository of unique experiences. Kerala is one of India’s leading destinations and perfect for travellers to unwind on its palm-lined beaches, verdant jungles or spice-scented hills.

What to expect on KBE once you’re selected

An exclusive luxury bus winds through the different regions of the state, stopping for local experiences and to relax in atmospheric homegrown boutique hotels and exclusive resorts. The trip offers bloggers an inspiring backdrops and numerous themes that suit your interest as an influencer.

Over the course of the bus journey and its various stops, the influencers will find a colossal amount of experiences to get inspired from. It could be a morning at the beach to provide a helping hand to the local fishermen hauling the fresh catch using the ancient Chinese fishing nets, digging fingers in dollop of rice and curries served on a palm-leaf plate, walking trails in spice and tea plantations, sipping hot coffee with locals in unassuming island hamlets or watching the colourful folk dances late into the night. Each day will bring something new and exciting to explore.

Kerala Blog Express: Season 5
Kerala Blog Express

This is the fifth season of Kerala Blog Express (KBE), one of the largest digital campaigns in India by any tourism board. Apply on and get voted up to join 30 bloggers, Youtubers, Instagrammers and other influencers from over 30 countries on a journey of a lifetime

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    Marti Doktorchik at January 8, 2018 Reply

    I want to be on this press trip so so SO badly! I entered the voting process late so I am behind. Kerala looks stunning and I would love to do it justice in my blog and on my YouTube videos. If you wanted to support a travel-obsessed dreamer, please vote for me at: Thank you!!

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