Best Places For Spectacular Sunrises

Lets face facts, its so much easier to go for a sunset than witness the break of dawn. It requires tremendous effort to mentally prepare yourself to wake up early, set the alarm, yank yourself out of bed, drive or trek and reach that point and wait for the sun to rise. Phew! But all this lethargy and laziness vanishes in the blink of an eye when you see the first glow of the sun. When it rises and spreads its orange and warm glow all around, you know the efforts were all worth it and you’re ready to take on the world!

Here’s our pick of some of the best places around the world for spectacular sunrises…

Stonehenge, England

If you can brave the bone-chilling winds, then Stonehenge is the place to be on the first day of the year. Shrouded in a cloud of mystery, the ring of stones was built more than 5000 years old and nobody knows why it was constructed though one theory says it was a celestial timepiece. Place yourself in between two giant stones and watch a spectacular sunrise just as our ancestors would have done thousands of years ago.

Grand Canyon, USA

This is one of the best places on earth to watch the sun creep up from behind mountains and spread its orange glow over these rugged rocks, creating a spectacle that will surely take your breath away. It can’t get better than this, after all you’re at one of the seven wonders of the of the natural world. Whether you’re at the South Rim or any other place, the experience is unmatched.

Santorini, Greece

The sunsets here are epic, but many don’t now that the sunrises are equally mesmerising. When the blue and white houses on the island are flooded with the warm, orange hue of the rising sun, Santorini takes on a different avatar. Speak to the locals for advice, on where to find that secret spot and usher in the most romantic morning with the love of your life.

Yuhan, Taiwan 

Image Credit: Kailing3

The sunrise over Mt Jade, Taiwan’s highest mountain from the Alishan forest is legendary. It’s so popular, that there’s a concert at dawn as tourists wait for the sun to rise. The Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert is held at Alishan National Forest Recreation Area.

Mt Takao, Japan

Image Credit:Guilhem Vellut

It is considered auspicious in Japan if you see a sunrise on the first day of the New Year from Mt. Takao. Mt Takko is just an hour away from Tokyo and the lift and cable car to the middle of the mountain are open round the clock for New Year’s Eve. The walk to the summit from the cable card drop-off point takes around 45 minutes. The soothing Buddhist prayers from Yakuo-in Temple nearby begin at midnight and creates an atmosphere of peace and welcomes the new year on a tranquil note.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India 

The famous monument dedicated to love is best viewed at sunrise when its pearl white marble is bathed in a lovely golden glow. The colours change every minute as the sun rises and spreads out, glinting on the marble dome. It is usually not crowded very early in the morning, allowing you to enjoy the truly special moment in peace. Watching the sunrise from one of the wonders of the world is a great way to kick-start the year.

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, USA

This is one of those iconic places for a sunrise. Photographers go there at night and park themselves at a spot near the arch where they’ll get that perfect shot of the sun turning the underside of the arch all orange and golden. Located on the edge of a cliff about 2000 feet above the Colorado River, it’s a sunrise in the midst of the rugged park, that you are unlikely to never forget.

So what’s been your favourite sunrise of all time? We would like to hear from you.

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