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The Falkland Islands: “Like the Galapagos without the hand-holding” Read Article

The Falkland Islands- Like the Galapagos without the hand-holding

It’s just different down here. It doesn’t really hit you until you’ve been in The Falklands for a few days - or maybe even a week. This is a special place, one of a few dwindling places of its kind left in the modern world. There is so much freedom for visitors to the Falklands, it’s almost a little overwhelming. Most places you visit in the world there is a list of things to see in a list of “a”, “b”, and “c” found along trail “x”. In the Falklands, it’s not like that. Here, the only paths to follow have been carved out by sheep or penguins with the occasional rover track mixed in. A trip to the Falklands is very much a choose your own adventure, and that’s what I grew to love about my time here. To be honest on my first few days on the islands I was
Day trip ideas from Montego Bay, Jamaica Read Article

Fun Day trips from Montego Bay with Island Car Rentals

Montego Bay is Jamaica's second city, located on the north-western end of the island. Primarily a resort town, Montego Bay is home to many all-inclusive hotels and exclusive beaches. This often gives visitors a distorted view of the island's culture and its people. Beyond the resort gates lie a pulsating city and a myriad of activities for just about every taste-- water activities, adventure trips, nature and historical tours to name a few. The city is an excellent base for undertaking day trips to see what Jamaica's north coast has to offer. The best way to experience the city and its environs is at your own pace and renting a car allows you to do just that! Here are six unique experiences to enjoy in and around Montego Bay in your own self-driven vehicle: The Rose Hall Greathouse is a

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