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Top things to do and see in Sri Lanka Read Article

Visiting Emerald Isle: Top Things to Do and See in Sri Lanka

For a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka packs in quite a punch. Serene Buddhist temples and monasteries, UNESCO World Heritage sites, strips of golden sand that are rarely legged, cool tea-plantation draped hills and waves worthy to surf on – the country demands that you spend at least two weeks and then come back for some more. Not to mention, Yala National Park, where the dense green jungle is the pick for the elusive leopards to hide in its folds. With a diverse historic legacy, Sri Lanka offers more than just wonders for the eye. It’s a complete package for the mind, body and soul. Many chic, boutique accommodations have found off-the-grid addresses to lure the traveller. Here’s a list of ten experiences that’ll give you a legit ‘been there, done that’
Belgium Travel Guide: 7 Things You Should Not Miss Read Article

My Belgium Travel Guide: 7 Things You Should Not Miss

The first two things that come to mind when talking about Belgium are surely chocolate and beer. Considering how delicious they are, perhaps you don’t need any more reasons to visit this country. However, if you do, you should know that Belgium is small, but very significant in the current political life of the European Union, and it also has a very rich history. It’s completely unjustified how this country is not as popular as France or Italy, for example. On the other hand, that can also be great, since it gives you an opportunity to experience the country without all the tourists running around with huge cameras and flashes. Bruges This city is quite popular with tourists from all over the world. It is the attractive architecture that truly draws them. When visiting, make sure
A Long Weekend in Macao

A Long Weekend in Macau

It sounds unbelievable, but Macau is known to rake in more moolah than Las Vegas, thanks to its flourishing gambling scene that started mid 19th century. The former Portuguese colony is the only part of China that seems a bit loosened up to the outer world. No wonder, travellers come in swarms to

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